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The following comments are real testimonials from actual customers of ours, and have been used with their permission here. We would love to add your feedback to our website as well. So if you have the time, please send us a quick note after you have used our products and/or services and we would love to share your experience with others.

“Hi, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with your company. I heard about milliamp from a co-worker who had sent his wife’s Ipod to you for diagnostic and battery replacement. My wife had an old Ipod Mini that did not hold a charge at all. So, I thought I would give your company a chance to see if I could get her back running with a replacement battery. Being a semi-fluent electrical guy and an engineer, I ordered the replacement battery kit that included instructions and the battery for $29.99 (and free regular shipping!). First off, the purchase experience through your website was quick and painless. I decided against the upgraded shipping as there was no immediate need to get the Ipod running. I really couldn’t believe how fast the order was filled and shipped. I had the package at my house by Friday in Chicago when I ordered mid-week from your company. Incredible service! Then, when I was ready to tackle the battery replacement, I cleared the desk and sat down for what I figured would be a lengthy process and difficult to read instructions. Opening up the package, there was the wedge to pry off the white covers, two screwdrivers, and folded instructions. As I opened up the instructions, I was so very pleased with the layout, description and the color photographs that accompanied each step. I was done changing the battery and had everything back together within 5 minutes. It is rare these days to have a purchase (especially online) that over-delivers on the promises made on the website. I feel your company really has a great business model to offer such great products, speedy service, and useful information. I will look to your company if I need any future products and services you offer and will definitely tell people about your company. Thank you for a great experience! Sincerely,”
Jack from Chicago, IL (Order M15966JD)

“I’m writing to thank you for the terrific service. I was initially nervous about trusting my beloved pod to strangers in the mail. I use it daily while working in the garden and burned out the screen when I dunked it in the pond while bending over to pull some weeds. I didn’t even notice the screen died because it otherwise worked great. For a few weeks I continued to use it. I’d just blindly spin the wheel and push the controls until music started. Got some way crazy playlists that way. I finally decided I had to get it fixed. I couldn’t be happier with your company, your service or your methods. You communicated via e-mail at every step of the way, your service was prompt, thorough, and you came through in the time promised with a new screen. I was prepared to receive the pod back but without any content – assuming your screen replacement would involve some sort of electronic lobotomy. Instead it returned home in perfect condition, even charged and ready to play. I’m back in the garden now, and I can select my own playlist. I use a different cover to clip the pod out of harms way. Thank you again for the screen replacement and the wonderful service. And thanks for returning my baby safe and sound.”
Anne from El Cajon, CA (Order J87679KM)

“Wow it was so easy to replace my 5th Generation IPod battery, your step by step instructions were great and I really appreciate the little details, including your mentioning the grey rubber pads that may fallout out and including in your instructions the picture to help me determine where they go back. The IPod opener is a must, I can’t imagine trying to open it any other way. Great web site too in helping navigate and feel comfortable in knowing I was purchasing the correct replacement battery, and now I have even more juice to listen to my tunes and videos. I will be recommending your service to other IPod users. Thanks Again !!!”
Wes from Methuen, MA (Order J74914WP)

“I have to admit I had some doubts if I could replace the battery on my own. Once I got the kit 15 minutes later my battery on my iPod is replaced. You guys are the best!!!! The instructions were so simple my iPod is like new again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!”
Victor from Bedford, TX (Order J74691VS)

“I’ve had my iPod Nano (1st Gen) for over 3 years now, so the battery had really worn down – it would only play for under an hour on a full charge. I’m the type of person to take good care of my stuff and have it for a long time, so I didn’t want to buy a new iPod just for battery life. I did some research, and found out about your company. I sent my iPod in and had it back within a week, playing like it’s brand new! And did it for less than 1/5 the price of a new iPod. Thanks for high-quality service with great communication!”
Bethany from Denver, CO (Order J73179BM)

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“Just wanted to drop a line to let you know how satisfied I am with my recent order. Your website is very well organized and straightforward and made ordering very easy. While I am a bit of a gadget guy, I don’t know much about taking things apart and doing my own electronic repairs or modifications much past installing a new drive in my PC. After reading some of the other testimonials and browsing your website I was convinced that I could tackle the task of swapping out my 4th Gen. Ipod battery out. I was on the verge of sending it back to Apple for battery replacement at a cost of about $75. After checking your website I decided to give it a try on my own and for less than half the price I was prepared to pay Apple I was able to get a battery that is almost twice as effective as the factory battery. In addition, your video tutorial and included written instructions were right on the money with each and every step. I highly recommend your battery kits to anyone and the specialized blue plastic tool is a must have for anyone who wishes to take on this task. I set aside an hour for this task and with your instructions and video tutorial I was able to complete it in less than a half hour. Kudos from another satisfied customer and rest assured I will recommend you to any of my friends who suffer from depleted battery life from their older ipods. Thanks again.”
Michael from Janesville, WI (Order J74539MW)

“I was so impressed by your site…I read everything about you guys…you almost sounded to good to be true! I held my breath and sent my ipod to you and you guys were everything you claimed to be! You emailed me when you received it and let me know when you would send back to me. It came back with in a little over a week and is working wonderfully!! Thank you so much. I will tell everyone how pleased I am with your service. It is service that I remember my mom talking about when she described how things used to be…actually personal! “
Phyllis from St. Augustine, FL (Order J73530PR)

“I just wanted to say “Thank You” for replacing the battery in my nano iPod. Working with you all was easy and I appreciate that. More importantly I was only without my iPod for a few days and for someone like me who runs with their iPod and keeps track of all runs on Nike.com via the iPod that’s important. So again Thank you!”
Julie from Houston, TX (Order J73928JJ)

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“Thanks for your note. By the way, the tools worked great and I was easily able to replace the battery on my daughter’s old ipod mini. She’d given up on it and now DAD has an ipod. (she has a new one). I was very impressed by the speed you delivered the product. Thanks for being an outstanding business model.”
John from Missoula, MT (Order J73809JC)

“Wow! Easy to follow instructions, great tools, and a battery! I actually feel like I got a good deal, especially after getting the replacement price from Apple. Thanks again,”
Nathan from Portland, OR (Order J74091NB)

“Battery works great. I thought my ipod was a lost cause. I was sure it was battery but when I plugged in your battery, and saw the screen light up my table, it made my week! Thank you guys so much, you provide an excellent service and will keep you in mind for my friends. Oh and it arrived a day before I was expecting it. Huge thank you goes out to any and every employee you have. MUCH APPRECIATED!”
Lawrence from Brook Park, OH (Order J73901LC)

“This is the first ever review I have posted for any product. Just received the battery today. My daughter is going back to college this week and wanted a new iPod. When ask what was wrong with the one she had I was told that the battery was going bad. I checked with our local iPod store and was told that a new battery was $40.00 and that it cost $ 40.00 to put a new one in for a total of $ 80.00. I came home and searched the internet and came across your great site and ordered the replacement battery for a generation 5 iPod video. Service was fast, the instructions were very good, process took about 15 minutes. No problems. This is a great product.”
Jay from Peoria, AZ (Order J73916JW)

“I received my 3rd generation battery replacement kit today and went right to work on performing the replacement. I read the instructions completely and then used the iPod tool to open the case. It required me to use a small screwdriver to keep the case from re-closing as I worked around the sides and ends. Nonetheless, I removed the hard drive and old battery without incident. Replacing the hard drive only took two tries and I felt the plug snap into place. After rejoining the case parts, I turned on the iPod and observed the menu display immediately. After turning off the iPod in order to connect the AC adapter for charging, I noticed the display showed only the Apple icon. This is not normal for the charging sequence. I was not able to initiate music playback. However, I allowed the charging adapter to remain connected for more than an hour. Then, I suspected that I needed a RESET function to restart the proper display. Following the reset procedure, the display came up with the menu and I was able to obtain playback of my music. After playing various tunes, I shut down and observed the expected display “Charging.” I am relieved that the iPod seems to be operating normally. I suggest that your instructions might be improved with a suggestion to perform the RESET function on the unit after installing the new battery and re-installing the hard drive. Sincerely,”
David from Little Torch Key, FL (Order 71064)

“Awesome! Took less than 15 minutes. Probably could do the next one under 5 min. Excellent product support. Clear and concise instructions very well illustrated. Highly recommend watching the video and look at the hand movement when using the opening tool. Very satisfied.”
Joseph from Manchester, MD (Order 75419JR)

“I just want to thank you for the information about my 3rd generation iPod. I had lost my firewire charger and I ordered a new one. Now the iPod is charging and I still have all of the songs on there. Thank you so much for the information and the new battery. For now, things are looking good.”
Bill from Cokeville, WY (Order J95651BT)

“Thanks so much for letting me know. You are an awesome service and I certainly will spread the word about your great work.”
Polly from Wheelock, VT (Order J99000PW)

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