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Battery for Apple iPhone 4S<!--BASE:IP4SBAT=30.00-->
Order this if the iPhone doesn't hold a charge as well as it used to.
Digitizer / LCD for<br>Apple iPhone 4S<!--BASE:1P4DLCD=99.00-->
Order this if the glass is broken, touch function doesn't work, or if the display is white/distorted.
Professional Repair Evaluation for Apple iPhone 4S<!--BASE:IP4SREV=19.00-->
Order this if you don't know what's wrong with your iPhone 4S.
Professional Repair Evaluation for Liquid-Exposed iPhone 4S<!--BASE:IP4SWDREV=29.00-->
Order this if your iPhone 4S was exposed to any liquid.
Headphone Jack for<br>Apple iPhone 4S<!--BASE:IP4SHPJ=39.00-->
Order this if you are having problems with the headphone jack, volume buttons, and/or vibrate/silent switch.
Charging Port for<br>Apple iPhone 4S<!--BASE:IP4SCP=39.00-->
Order this if you have problems with the microphone, external speaker, charging dock, home button, and/or cellular reception.
Home Button Flex Cable for Apple iPhone 4S<!--BASE:IP4SHB=29.00-->
Order this if your home button doesn't work anymore.
On / Off Switch for<br>Apple iPhone 4S<!--BASE:IP4SNF=39.00-->
Order this if your on/off switch is stuck or not working correctly.
Glass Backplate for<br>Apple iPhone 4S<!--BASE:IP4SBP=39.00-->
Order this if the glass backing of your iPhone is broken or needs to be replaced.
Passcode Reset Service<!--BASE:PCR=1.00-->
Order this if you forgot your passcode or if your device is locked.
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