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This page is broken into three sections: iPod / iPhone / iPad Repair Questions, General Questions, and iPod/iPhone Battery Installation Questions.

iPod / iPhone / iPad Repair Questions

iPod / iPhone / iPad Repair Questions | General Questions | iPod/iPhone Battery Installation Questions

How does the repair process work?

It’s really simple: Add your repair evaluation to the shopping cart and check out. The email you receive will have a link to a page on our site that explains how to package it up and where to ship it. Whether you decide to make your own shipping arrangements, or elect to have us email you a shipping label, we will contact you via email to let you know when your device arrives at our facility. Shortly afterwards, one of our trained technicians will evaluate your device, and contact you to discuss the necessary repairs. You are never obligated to proceed with any repairs until we discuss them with you. If you approve the work, we will charge the same credit card or debit card used at checkout (less the evaluation fee you already paid!), perform the repairs, test out the device, and ship it back to you, usually within two or three business days, if not faster. If you decline the repairs, we will package up your device and ship it back to you un-repaired. During checkout, the shipping method you select will be for that last leg of shipping from us back to you.

Here’s a more detailed look at the process:

Step 1: Device is Damaged
You go to use your iPod, iPhone, or iPad and it doesn’t turn on, or you have dropped it and it’s quite evident what’s happened. Or perhaps it’s something in between! No matter. Regardless of the issues plaguing your device, we have the expertise in-house to repair it quickly, or we can evaluate it to let you know what repairs are needed. We have been in business for five years now, and we are the experts in iPod, iPhone, and iPad repairs!
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Step 2: Order is Placed
Place your order on our secure website, or give us a call during normal business hours and we can take your order. An order must be placed BEFORE you send your device to us. When entering your order, be sure to include a working phone number so that we can contact you to discuss your device after we receive it, and include very detailed notes about the issue(s) you are experiencing in the ‘Comments’ field.
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Step 3: Device Received
Send your device to:

Milliamp LTD – (Order Number)
5890 De Zavala Road Suite 107
San Antonio, TX 78249

Instructions for how to package up your device and ship it safely can be found here. We receive up to 100 devices per day, so it is critical that a printout of your order confirmation be included inside, and the order number is written on the outside of your packaging. This helps us match up your device to our records. After your device is removed from its’ packaging, we test it out, make a note of any issues, and send an email to let you know that your device has been received.
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Step 4: Device Evaluated
After your device is received, it is evaluated by one of our technicians. Even if you are sending your device in for a specific, known repair (e.g. new battery, replace screen, etc.), our technicians will check everything they can on your device, and we will bring any findings to your attention. After we evaluate a device, we will send you an email to give us a call so that we can discuss the findings in detail.
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Step 5: Repairs Approved or Declined
If your device is sent in for an evaluation, or you have prepaid for a repair and we find another issue, we do not proceed with any repairs until we receive your authorization to do so. We also do not keep your entire credit card information on file, so at the time of authorization, your payment details will be collected. If you decline repairs, you may actually receive a credit, and your device will be carefully re-assembled and moved to our shipping department and be returned.
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Step 6: Card Charged
If your device is sent in for an evaluation, and you have approved repairs, your credit card or debit card will be charged right before we conduct the repairs that you authorized. It may take a day or two for the charge to appear on your statement.
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Step 7: Device Repaired
A qualified, trained technician who is familiar with your model will be conduct the necessary repairs on your device. Devices are prioritized based on the date the repairs are approved, and then by date received.
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Step 8: Device Tested
After your device has been repaired, it is moved into our Quality Control phase, where everything that can be checked on your device will be checked. If for some reason your device fails testing, it will be sent back to the technician who performed the repairs for another look. No one else puts as much emphasis on testing at this stage of the process as we do, and we want your repaired device to be returned to you in perfect working order.
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Step 9: Device Shipped
Once your device has passed all of our tests, it is carefully packaged up and sent back to the same shipping address you provided to us, via the method of shipping you are asked to select when you place your order. We strongly recommend using a shipping method like UPS or FedEx so that you will receive a tracking number via email and can follow the shipment.
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Please do not let the multiple steps above confuse or scare you! We work with customers from all over the planet, day in and day out, thousands and thousands of times each year, and we have the repair/evaluation process perfected. We are a legitimate, hard-working, honest company with only your best interests in mind, and we hope to see your order and device soon!

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What is your turnaround time?

We strive for fast turnaround times, but of course this varies by demand, device, parts/services required, and a variety of other factors. We also typically work on devices in the same order in which we receive them, on a first-come, first-served basis. No one understands how important these devices are to our customers more than we do, and the importance of a quick turnaround. Our best estimate of how long your specific device will take to be evaluated or repaired will be emailed to you after your device is received and inbounded into our system. For our very best estimate based on current conditions, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

How will you charge me for the repairs?

With your permission, we can simply charge the same credit card that you provided to us when your order was first placed. If you have another credit card that you would like to use, just let us know and we can charge a different card. A customer is never charged for repairs until we have received authorization from you to do so. You have our word on that.

What if I don’t want to proceed with the repairs?

If you decide that you do not want to have your device repaired, just let us know, and we will return the device back to you using the same shipping method you selected at checkout. We do keep the initial evaluation charge in this situation, to cover the labor spent to evaluate your device. You are never obligated to proceed with a repair.

Will you install a part that I bought elsewhere, or a part that came from another device that I have?

We have found that the large majority of the iPod and iPhone parts that are being sold online range from inferior to worthless. We only install our own parts so that we can stand behind the quality of our repairs.

Can I perform the repairs myself?

In some cases, yes. Battery replacements for many of the iPod models can be safely done using one of our battery replacement kits. However, more recent Apple devices like the iPod nano, iPod touch, and iPhone have batteries that are soldered in and/or are very difficult to open without breaking. More complex repairs such as LCDs, outer glass screens/digitizers, hard drives, scroll wheels, headphone jacks, etc. are best left to our experienced technicians to perform.

Should I get a repair evaluation or select a part from your site?

The repair evaluation is the best thing to select if you know your iPod, iPhone, or iPad is not working, but you are not sure why. If you have an obvious issue with your device, such as a broken screen or a battery that is not holding a charge, then go ahead and select that product.

What if you find something else wrong with my device?

If we find that there are issues with your device that are above and beyond what you original sent it in for, we will immediately notify you via email to please give us a call so that we can discuss it with you in person. We do not just assume you want the additional repairs. Only after we discuss all the options with you will we carry out your wishes, whether that means sending back the device unrepaired, completing just the repair that you ordered initially, or completing the additional repairs that we brought to your attention.

Are my music/videos/pictures/data going to be safe if I send my device to you for an evaluation and/or repair?

The short answer to this is: backup your data before sending your device to us. We are not responsible for the loss of any of your data as detailed in our Terms of Service. This being said, we take every precaution to keep your data intact while performing evaluations and repairs. In most cases, your data are not affected. There are times, particularly during a hard drive replacement and/or a logic board replacement, that your data could be lost during the procedure. Additionally, and this is rare, but devices can also be delayed or lost during shipping. It is for these reasons that we always recommend synching your data with your computer before sending it to us. We also offer a data backup service for your convenience.

What is the guarantee on your parts and services?

We guarantee the parts we install and the labor for those repairs for one full year from the date of purchase. We cover our batteries for ten full years from the date of purchase. Most other repair companies will only cover their repairs and labor for just 30 days. If for any reason during this time the parts we installed in your device fail, please contact us so that we can make the necessary arrangements to get it returned back to us so that we can make the necessary repairs free of charge. You will be required to cover the cost of shipping to get the device back to us, and the cost of shipping the device from us back to you.

What about nicks, dings, or other minor damage to my device?

We suggest that you carefully look over your device before you pack it up. Make a mental or written note (or take photos) of any dings, scratches, dents, smudges, cuts, nicks, and other damage that may or may not be apparent. The more that you can prevent the device from moving around inside the package during shipping, the greater the chances it will arrive at our shop without damage. Once the device is in our hands, we take great caution to avoid scratches and other damage while the device moves from one stage to the next (including the final stage when we pack it up and send it back to you), but it is always good if you have a good idea of its’ overall condition before shipping it to us.

What do you do with my defective/damaged parts?

After we perform a repair, your old parts will be returned to you with your device unless they pose a safety hazard, in which case they will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

What is the best way to get my device to you?

If you are planning to send your device using your own shipping method, or using our pre-paid return shipping label that we will email to you (all of these options are selectable on the actual product before you add it to the cart), please find our complete shipping address below, as well as some simple suggestions for packaging up your device so that it arrives safely at our location:

1. Backup (synchronize) your music and/or data with on your device with your computer. In most cases, you will not lose any music and/or data during the battery replacement process or evaluation, but we recommend a backup just in case.

2. If possible, charge up your device fully.

3. If you are sending an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, either disable or provide us with your 4 digit passcode.

4. If you are sending us a device that includes a removable SIM card, you can remove the SIM card from your device and it is not required. The only exception to this is the 1st Generation iPhone, in which we DO recommned that you include your SIM card and leave your phone activated and with your data on it, as this greatly increases the number of functions that we can test on your device.

6. Slide the power switch to the ‘Off/Hold’ position and place a small piece of masking tape (don’t use Scotch or duct tape, which can mar the surface) over it to prevent the device from turning on during transport.

7. Remove all covers, cases, clips, ear buds, headphones, etc. from your device and place your iPod, iPhone, or iPad only into an anti-static bag (preferably) or a plastic bag and seal shut to protect the device from any moisture or water damage.

8. Please take a little extra time to package up your device so that it arrives safely. Do not simply stick it inside a regular paper mailing envelope or it will break free (and it is not pretty). If possible, place your device inside a plastic bag, surround with bubble-wrap (no shipping peanuts, please!), and enclose in a sturdy cardboard box.

9. Print out the Order Confirmation that will be emailed to you after your order is placed and include that with your device.

Note: If you plan to have someone else place your order and/or ship the device for you, please make sure that a printout of your invoice (emailed to you after your order is placed) is placed inside the package so that we can tell which device is yours. We literally have a shelf full of devices that we cannot inbound because the name of the person on the order does not match the name on the packaging and/or the order number was not included anywhere on the outside or inside of the packaging. Our Receivers thank you in advance for your attention to this important detail!
10. If you have the time, we’d greatly appreciate an email to letting us know (1) when you shipped your device, (2) what carrier (e.g. USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.) you used and (3) if applicable, the inbound tracking number of your shipment.

11. Place a shipping label on your package and send to:

Milliamp LTD – XXXXX (where ‘XXXXX’ is your order number)
5890 De Zavala Road Suite 107
San Antonio, TX 78249
800-809-8133 (Toll-Free)
210-568-7473 (Local and International)
Note 1: Please use our company name ‘Milliamp LTD’ on the shipping label, and not the actual URL of our website (which lessens the chance someone will be able to tell there is a valuable device inside the packaging).

Note 2: Please do not ship your device in/with the original retail box. We always discard the retail box, and any other packaging that is used to get the device to us, so please keep this in mind when choosing your packaging.

Note 3: If you indicate that you would like us to email you a shipping label for sending your device to us, please be aware that, since this is a manual step that has to be performed by an employee, it could take several hours for this to arrive in your inbox. You must open and print out the email that contains your prepaid inbound shipping label and use it within 30 days after receiving it, or the label will no longer be active. If the link to your UPS label does not work, look for %3d near the end of the url and replace it with an equal sign =.

Once your package arrives in our shop and it is checked into our device management system, we will generate a detailed email letting you know that the device arrived, and the results of our inbound testing. We do receive a large number of devices every day, and we try our very best to inbound devices on the same day or very next business day that they arrive.

The sooner you ship us your device, the sooner we can perform the requested service and get you jamming again! Our best estimate of how long your specific device will take to be evaluated or repaired will be emailed to you after your device is received and inbounded into our system. We will ship it back to you on the next business day after it passes rigorous testing using the shipping method that you selected during check-out.

No need to waste money and choose ‘First Delivery’ when sending us your device so that your package arrives at the crack of dawn. This approach does not get a device checked into our shop much faster than any other package that arrives on that same day because, in the event that we are not yet open when the carrier makes that early morning delivery attempt, they will re-deliver your item along with the group of other packages that are sent to us on a daily basis.

If you are sending us a device, and also ordered a kit or other accessories, these additional items will ship back along with your device, unless you request otherwise.

Milliamp LTD will make at least two attempts to contact you by email or telephone if we have not received guidance from you on how you wish to proceed with any needed repairs. Devices that are left at our facility for more than 90 days from the day they were received will be automatically recycled, and they will not be sent back to you.

If you have any questions about the status of your device, please contact us at 800-809-8133 or send an email to

How can I tell the difference between an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 3GS?

The best way to tell by looking at the device if it is an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS is to compare the GB capacity printing to the Apple logo on the back of the phone. The Apple logo is silver on both iPhones, but the printing below it varies. On the iPhone 3G, the printing below the Apple logo at the bottom of the backplate is grey – not shiny. On the iPhone 3GS, the printing below the Apple logo at the bottom of the backplate is metallic silver, and matches the hue of the Apple logo.

General Questions

General Questions | iPod / iPhone / iPad Repair Questions | iPod/iPhone Battery Installation Questions

What is your Return Policy?

We offer a hassle-free return if you are not completely satisfied with our products and/or services within 30 days from the date of purchase. For more information, please see our Return Policy for more details.

I accidentally ordered the wrong item! What is the best way to return it and get the right one?

No problem. The best way to resolve this situation is to place a brand new order for the correct item(s) right here on our website. In the ‘Comments’ field, please let us know that you are entering a replacement order. You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return your first order for a refund. Simply mail the ENTIRE KIT (tool(s), battery, instructions) back to the address listed here. If possible, please use the same packaging the your item(s) arrived in, and write ‘RETURN – XXXXX’ (where the X’s are your Order Number) on the outside of the package. Once received, we will credit the same credit card used during checkout (less the original shipping and handling charge).

How can I tell what kind of iPod I have?

Don’t feel bad – most people have no idea what generation iPod they have. First, look closely at the color of the ScrollWheel and the location of the navigation buttons (e.g. reverse, menu, play, fast forward) on your iPod. Next, compare your iPod to the iPod pictures and descriptions on our product category pages listed in the left column.

I have an iPod Shuffle. Do you sell a battery for this player?

Unfortunately, it is very hard to open the iPod Shuffle without breaking it. On top of that, the battery is soldered to the motherboard and quite difficult for the average consumer to replace. It for these reasons that we’ve decided not to offer a battery for the iPod Shuffle.

Why should I trust you? Do you scam people? Is your business legit?

Yes, we are a real business! We have a physical location, we have employees, we have inventory, we have hours of operation, we accept credit cards, we are a member of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, we have been featured on Fox News, NBC, and the San Antonio Business Journal, we have been in business for over six years now, and we have serviced thousands and thousands of satisfied customers, and can probably count the number of unhappy customers on one hand after all these years , so yes we are the real deal. We are a tight-knit company with great, honest employees that prides itself on excellent customer service, frequent communication, accuracy, reliability of our parts, and attention to detail. We look for ways to delight our customers at every stage of the process. We do not scam anyone. Never have. We are a legitimate company and frankly, we get a little upset if someone implies that we are not. Still not convinced? Read what the owner has to say – you can even contact him yourself if you are still on the fence!

Do you accept checks or money orders?

We only accept credit and debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover).

What is your Privacy Policy? Is my information secure?

Aside from needing a few details from you to complete your order, we have absolutely no interest in any of your personal information. You will never receive spam from us. We will not give, sell, or provide any of your information to anyone at anytime. Although our technicians briefly power on your device after replacing the battery to verify that everything is working properly, we do not access any data and/or songs that you might have on your device. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Where did all the great images on your site come from? Did you take them yourself? Can I use your images on my website?

All of the images that you see on our website were taken by a professional photographer, and then edited by a graphic designer (and this process is not cheap!). None of the images on our site were taken from Apple or any other sources. We respectfully request that you do not use any of the images on our website without first obtaining permission to do so.

Do you have any other locations?

We have a state of the art facility and walk-in location in San Antonio, Texas. But if you don’t live near us, do not be discouraged: we receive hundreds of devices each week from all over the United States, and from all over the world. The fast turnaround and dedication to perfection that we provide far outweighs the minor effort it takes to get your device to us.

iPod/iPhone Battery Installation Questions

General Questions | iPod / iPhone / iPad Repair Questions | iPod/iPhone Battery Installation Questions

General Battery Installation Questions are immediately below this group of links. Click one of the links for more specific support:

Battery Support for Apple’s iPod Video Battery Support for Apple’s iPod mini
Battery Support for Apple’s Fourth Generation iPod Battery Support for Apple’s Third Generation iPod
Battery Support for Apple’s iPod Photo Battery Support for Apple’s iPod nano
Battery Support for Apple’s Sixth Generation iPod classic Battery Support for Apple’s iPod touch
Battery Support for Apple’s First and Second Generation iPod Battery Support for Apple’s iPhone

How do I know if my iPod or iPhone battery needs to be replaced?

Depending on the frequency of use, the battery in your iPod, iPhone, or iPad should last between 12 and 18 months. If your battery is only holding a charge for one or two hours and then dies suddenly, most likely the battery is fatigued and needs to be replaced. Sometimes, an iPod, iPhone, or iPad won’t even start up if the battery is dead. The best way to determine if your battery needs to be replaced is to connect it to an AC power source using the cable that came with your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. If the device powers on and functions properly when connected to this power source, but shuts down a few minutes after being disconnected, you more than likely need a new battery.

Will I lose any of my songs when I replace the battery in my iPod?

No. Your data (music, pictures, etc.) is stored in a small hard drive and is not normally affected during the battery replacement process. Although data loss is very unlikely, we still recommend that you make sure all your songs/data are saved on your computer before starting the battery replacement process.

How hard is it to change the battery in my device? What if I can’t do it myself?

With our tools and instructions, the process is relatively straightforward. The key is to take your time and pay close attention to every step and photograph during the battery replacement process. If you receive your kit and decide that you just don’t feel comfortable proceeding, just contact us and we can schedule some time to have a technician walk you through the process or we can send you instructions on how to package and where to send your device to us, and we can replace the battery for you for a nominal fee.

Can you replace the battery in my device for me?

Yes! Although our battery replacement instructions are very detailed, we realize that some people just don’t feel comfortable cracking open their device and messing with circuit boards and power connectors. We offer several options depending on your level of urgency. You can read more here about how our repair/battery replacement process works.

How long does it take to have you to replace my battery?

We strive for fast turnaround times, but of course this varies by demand, device, parts/services required, and a variety of other factors. We also typically work on devices in the same order in which we receive them, on a first-come, first-served basis. No one understands how important these devices are to our customers more than we do, and the importance of a quick turnaround. Our best estimate of how long your specific device will take to be evaluated or repaired will be emailed to you after your device is received and inbounded into our system. For our very best estimate based on current conditions, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

How long are your batteries guaranteed? What kind of a warranty do your batteries carry?

We guarantee our iPod, iPhone, and iPad batteries for a full ten (10) years! No other iPod, iPhone, or iPad battery company out there offers this duration of coverage! For more information, please see our Ten (10) Year Battery Guarantee for more details.

Should I remove the white label from the outside of my new battery? What if I already removed it?

No. Please do not remove the white label from the exterior of your new battery. The label identifies it as one of our batteries, should you ever need to replace it. If you removed the white label from your new battery, please contact us and we can make arrangements to send you a brand new one at no extra charge. In the meantime, please remove your new battery from your device and place it inside a plastic sandwich bag – if the battery ruptures, the odor is not pleasant!

I’ve lost my battery installation instructions – where can I get another copy?

No problem. Just contact us and we will be happy send you an electronic copy free of charge. Please include your Order Number in the body of your email, as we only provide electronic copies to customers that have already purchased from us.

I’ve just installed my battery but the device gets warm/hot when I turn it on. Is this normal?

Please turn off your device immediately. It’s likely that the battery or hard drive is not laying completely flat, which can cause the hard drive to be misaligned inside the device. This misalignment could place excess pressure on the hard drive when the unit is closed back up, which may account for the heat you are feeling.

Please open up your device again (following all of the steps and warnings about static electricity as outlined in the instructions) and make sure that the battery cables are not preventing the battery and the hard drive from laying completely flat. Additionally, for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Generation iPod, please ensure that both halves are not overly pressed together.

Are your kits interchangeable? That is, can I buy the full kit for one of my iPod or iPhone models and purchase the battery only for an entirely different model?

With the exception of the 4th Generation iPod, iPod Photo, and U2 iPod, the battery replacement instructions and the tools needed to replace the battery in each model iPod or iPhone vary greatly. Therefore, if you have more than one model iPod, we strongly recommend purchasing the entire battery replacement kit for each. And watch out for the 5th Generation iPod Video and the 6th Generaton iPod classic, while they look very similar, we only offer a do-it-yourself kit for the iPod Video, the iPod classic is a challenge to open and we recommend sending it to us for battery replacement.

What is the best way to charge up and use my new battery?

Lithium-Ion batteries do not require priming, which means that after one solid 4-hour charge, your battery should be good to go. Our batteries work with the exact same charger you have/use now. A couple of other tips, however: Do not let your battery die completely. Although this will not ruin the battery, it will take much longer to recharge it to full capacity. Also, if you need to store your device away for a long period of time, store the iPod, iPhone, or iPad with the battery at about 40% power. This will extend the life of your battery greatly.

Factors that can influence battery playtime include (but are not limited to) backlight use, volume level, navigation frequency, and even the quality of your audio files (as larger files require device with disk-based hard drives to “read” more frequently).

Will my current method of charging (e.g. cables, docking station, automobile charger, etc.) still work with my new battery?

Yes! Our iPod, iPhone, or iPad batteries are 100 percent compatible with every method of charging out there. Want to pick up a new iPod, iPhone, or iPad charger for your device? You can easily add one of our charging accessories to your cart during the checkout process (and our prices are phenomenal, too!).

Will these longer-lasting batteries increase the weight of my iPod?

As a battery’s capacity increases, so too does its weight. However, this increase is so slight that it is measured in grams and is hardly noticeable.

What should I do with my old, original stock battery after I’ve replaced the battery?

We’d be more than happy to dispose of your old iPod, iPhone, or iPad battery for you. Just wrap it up and send it back to the same return address that was on your shipping label. Please don’t place the old battery in a regular envelope or it will break free during transit and all we will receive is an empty envelope with a rip in it (this really happens!). Instead, use a padded mailer (the white one that your kit probably arrived in will work nicely) and include a printout of your order number so that we can let you know that we’ve received your battery, which we will dispose of it properly for you.

What will you do with my old battery after you install a new one?

We are committed to protecting the environment. If you send us your device for a battery replacement, we will install a brand new battery and send the old battery back to you along with your repaired device. However, if the old stock battery is ruptured or presents an unsafe situation, we will dispose of it here for you in an environmentally-friendly manner.

What does mAh stand for?

The term ‘mAh’ stands for “milliamp hours” and is a number used to measure the total capacity of a battery. Generally speaking, the higher the number of mAh, the longer the amount of time a battery will last between charges.

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