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Note: Please use this address when sending a device to us for repair (but place your order online first so we can issue you an Order Number) OR sending anything back to us for a return.

If you feel that your issue needs to be escalated, please contact the owner of this website.

Contact Us Story:

I actually had the pleasure of finding an iPod when I stepped out of my car to go to lunch at a restaurant. It looked like whoever was last getting into their car to drive away had actually dropped it as they were leaving. I didn't really know what to do, but I wanted to be honest about it, so I asked the restaurant I was eating at to try it to page the owner of the car that was parked next to me where the iPod had fallen. I was actually thinking that the original iPod owners had already driven away and left the iPod by accident when they were getting in the car, but I figured that it wouldn't hurt to look for the owners of the car that were next to me to see if they had dropped their iPod. Luckily, the people who owned the car next to me were also honest and told me that it was not their device. I decided that there was nothing I could do besides leave my name and phone number with the restaurant in case the iPod owner called, but as weeks went by, I figured that it was mine now. The only issue I was having is that it seemed that the battery was completely dead, but I wasn't really sure. The device was having issues staying on and kept cutting off during use. I decided to go to the store and buy a charger so that I could see if it was an issue with the battery life, but even when the iPod was fully charged, it still wasn't working up to par. I tried looking around on the Internet to see if there were any particular issues with this model of iPod, but what I found instead was a great iPod repair site that actually allowed me to ship my iPod into them. This is so much more convenient than my other option because I was going to try to take it into the Apple store to see what they could tell me. The main concern I had was that I didn't have the warranty since it wasn't my device to begin with. I shipped my iPod in to this company, and they assessed it for me and told me that I would be needing a new battery, which was something that they specialized in. I got my iPod back right away, and it is working better than new!

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