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Hello! I am the owner and founder of Milliamp LTD and the website I am thrilled that you have chosen us (or you are considering choosing us!) for your Apple iPod or iPhone repairs.

I actually started this company at a card table in a corner of my home in 2005, and it has grown markedly since those days. Today, we have many thousands of satisfied customers, and that makes me immensely pleased and proud. And I could count the number of unsatisfied customers we have had this entire time on one hand.

Our office is made up of several departments, all of which are experienced in every aspect of iPod and iPhone repair: Customer Service, Sales, Repair, Marketing, Quality Control, Receiving, Shipping, Inventory Management, and Administration. We also offer a walk-in service, for folks in the San Antonio area that would prefer to bring their device to us instead of shipping it.

Our company started off selling long-lasting and high-capacity iPod battery replacement kits for earlier models of Apple iPods. We continue to offer those same kits, but as newer models of iPods and iPhones were designed in a way that they were more difficult for most people to open, we quickly expanded into one of the premier iPod and iPhone repair shops on the internet (just google ‘ipod repair’ or ‘iphone repair’ and you will see that we rank up near the top for those keyword phrases).

But as great as top search rankings are, a great company is made up of more than that. We are what we are today because of our people, our commitment to quality, our communication, and our processes.

I stand behind my people and my company one hundred percent - we are a legitimate company and we are not a scam. Our purpose is to simply please and satisfy our customers with high-quality, affordable, and fast repairs.

If you have tried contacting us through normal channels, and still feel like you are not receiving the amount of service that you would like, I encourage you to contact me personally using one of the following options:

Cell Phone or Text Message: 210-787-9482 (this is my personal phone, calls during business hours would be appreciated!)

AOL Messenger (AIM): MilliampOwner (I am usually online during the day and evenings if you wish to chat)

Email: Send me a message via the form below:

Your name:
Security Image:
Security Code:

If I do not respond to your email within 24 hours, it is likely that I may have missed it, so please try to email me again, or just give me a call or send me a text.

Thank you again for checking out the website for your repair needs – I am certain that you will be thrilled with us in every way. And if by chance you are not, you have my personal word that I will do everything I can possibly do to make the situation right.

Best regards,

Anthony Magnabosco, Owner
Milliamp LTD | Repairs for Apple's iPod, iPhone, and iPad /
17503 La Cantera Parkway, Suite 104-497
San Antonio, TX 78257

"Hi, I would just like to say thank-you for the job well done in replacing the battery in my ipod touch. I have recommended your company to others and will use you again, now with my iphone and my wife and kids ipod touches."
Neil (Order R1504NG)

"I received your email and was taken aback by your honesty, your generosity and your willingness to go the extra mile for a complete stranger. You have made a lasting impression on me. I believe that all things happen for a reason. I also believe that we are all being tested on our own merits as well as our willingness to help our fellow humans. I am a stranger to you; you are business owner and yet you were willing to take the time to track my shipment and personally follow it through the repair completion. I hope you don't think I am a crazy lady, but your act of kindness touched me heart and I sincerely thank you. The iPod I wrote you about suddenly without any repair suddenly un-froze itself without any repairs being done to it and is working as though it is brand new again. Because of you offered so much kindness, honesty and generosity to me, a stranger, I believe you will be blessed beyond what you could ever imagine. Your honesty as a business owner has re-instilled my faith in humanity. Thank you. If you care to use my email on your web site as a form of rating for you and your company, please feel at liberty to do so since I attest to your character."
Bonnie from Atlanta, GA

"As a single mom of two (one in her 3rd year of college; the other a senior in high school) sometimes making ends meet can be difficult. Holidays and birthdays are very tight financially, as both my children were born in December. None the less, a few years ago I bought my son a much requested IPod. Unfortunately a class mate stole it during athletic training when no one was in the field house. That following Christmas I scraped up the money and bought him an IPod Touch. He has protected this electronic devise for over a year. Unfortunately and unbeknownst to him, while working out it slide out of his pocket at about the same time he lost his grip on a 25 pound dumbbell and dropped it directly on his IPod. He was devastated. The front of the IPod was crushed and the back was severely dented.
I work for Wells Fargo Insurance Services where Milliamp, Ltd is a client of ours. My co-workers suggested, in lieu of throwing the IPod away, that I take the IPod to the owner, Anthony Magnabosco. I first sent him two pictures as I felt I would be wasting my time taking it to them. Initially in looking at the picture of the front, he thought it was fixable, but then he saw the picture of the back-plate, and didn't hold out much hope. He offered to look at it free of charge. Not only where they able to fix his IPod, they were also able to preserve all the data in the IPod. To say I was elated would be an understatement. I had already told my son it would probably be unfixable and that I could not afford to buy him another one. Anthony and his team were wonderful! And his staff were helpful and very professional. The IPod looks brand new. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of what my son referred to as a 'tragic' accident.
I gave the IPod to my son as an early Valentine's gift. When he opened that gift he almost knocked me over getting to me to give me a hug. He could not believe Milliamp was able to fix his IPod. Everything worked perfectly on it. He immediately went to his facebook profile and wrote the following message: "Today is an AWESOME day. Two weeks ago I completely crushed my iPod. My Mom took it to a store called Milliamp where they said there was a 20% chance that they could fix it. Well, they DID fix it and it works great and all my stuff is still on there. They are some P-R-O-FESSIONAL technicians! THANK YOU MILLIAMP!!!"
My sincerest THANKS go out to Anthony and his team for their professionalism and dedication to creating miracles and for making me a "Super Mom" in a teenagers eyes."
MaryLynn and Patrick from San Antonio, Texas (Order M21510MG)

For more details, read the blog post that our owner made on this unique situation.


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