Graduation Shmaduation!

by Anthony Magnabosco on May 7, 2010

So its that time of the year, everyone I am around is graduating!!! Woooo, not!  I wish I was graduating, school is overrated…to an extent.  I wish everyone the best that is graduating… Lindsey… AP.  Im just jealous that yall are out of the UTSA.  I know I only have one more semester, hopefully,  but I feel like I should be finished.  There are good things about being in school still though, which I have to keep telling myself to get me through.  Such as:                                                                       Well anyways Graduation does have good qualities though, such as: A nice diploma, a graduation party with family and friends, and maybe a job…if your lucky.  Actually I get to go to Llano this weekend or tomorrow for my best friends graduation party.  He is having Coopers BBQ catered since his family owns it!!!  I cant wait, this BBQ is the best I have ever had.  If you have not ever had this you have to find one near and chow.  I was planning on going to his graduation tomorrow morning at UTSA but I am having mixed feelings.  See it is at 9:00 am Saturday morning and his last name starts with a W.  That is probably 2 hours at minimum of a bunch of random names, besides you AP, before he gets to walk across the stage.  I have to still think and weigh the idea, I guess it will depend on my plans tonight, or if I have to come in here tomorrow.  Well again I congratulate everyone that is graduating this semester and wish yall the best!  Good Luck out there!

(Picture of Graduation Hats Here)…Net Nanny

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avatar Anthony May 7, 2010 at 2:27 pm

Graduation is such a fun time. We are heading to AZ in the next few weeks to celebrate my nephew’s graduation from High School, and then he heads to UT! /abm


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