My New Hero: Holmes on Homes

by Anthony Magnabosco on November 8, 2009

Holmes Saves the Day

Holmes Saves the Day

There is a show that just recently came across my radar called ‘Holmes on Homes’ on HGTV. It’s a Canadian-based show, but don’t let the “aBOAT’s” turn you off. The guy comes into people’s homes that were recently renovated or encountered some kind of event like a burst water pipe, and then tears into the walls and ceilings to see where the breakdowns occurred.

The thing that impresses me most aBOAT the show is the expertise Holmes and his cohorts bring to each job. You can tell they are extremely experienced workers, and know how to fix the problems they eventually uncover.

Holmes spends most of his time shaking his head at how messed up these homes are, but has a good management style; you can tell that the crew respects him. You really get the sense that Holmes wants to keep fixing things in the house, but has to reign the perfectionist inside of him back, in order to get the main issues fixed.

If I had one request to make the show more interesting, I would love to see a “confrontation” component: Holmes wagging his finger in the faces of the poor blokes who “fixed” these houses in the first place.

In a way, it kind of reminds me of work: we see a lot of iPod touch and iPhones that either a customer attempted to repair by themselves, or had a local company try to repair, and it gets messed up worse than when they started (These newer iPods and iPhones are tricky little buggers – if in doubt, send it to us, please!).

Check it out next time you are looking for a cool show to watch!

Anthony Magnabosco, Owner

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