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It's common knowledge that the battery in the iPod touch can easily go dead after a year or two. If this is the case with your iPod, then this is the service for you.

The 1st Generation iPod touch is quite a challenge to get into and the battery is soldered in making it very difficult for the average consumer to replace. That's why we don't offer a battery replacement kit like we do with most iPod models.

Our First Generation iPod touch battery has 1000 mAh, which is a roughly 11 percent more than the original 900 mAh battery that is already inside your device, and it will provide 22 - 24 hours of music or 5 - 6 hours of video after it has a full charge. This is a conservative estimate, as we'd rather under-promise and then over-deliver (that being said, we regularly receive feedback from our customers reporting even longer playtimes).

This battery is guaranteed for ten years, so if it ever fails to keep a full charge during this period of time, let us know and we will give you a new one (if you purchased it to install yourself) or re-install one for you (if you sent your device to us for the installation) at no additional charge! No other website offers this kind of coverage.

Look at the power and value this battery provides for your iPod touch:

We offer a variety of same-day shipping options from us to you, perfect for any level of urgency.

If you suspect your device has water or liquid damage, we suggest setting up an order for our repair evaluation for liquid-exposed devices as it is possible that this part alone will not solve the problems that you are having.

To see all of our outbound shipping methods (shipping options from us to you) view our Shipping Methods page. If you wish to learn more about our inbound shipping options (how you can get your device to us so that we can work with it), please view our Guidance for Safe Shipping page.

Limited-Time Offer! Enter FREESHIP in the coupon code field at checkout for FREE USPS First Class Mail shipping or apply this offer towards any other shipping method that you prefer!! Applies to the leg of shipping from us to you.

Want to send your device to us for this repair? Great! Learn more about the simple repair process here.

If sending in your device, please be aware that the amount of time it takes for us to address each device varies, but we strive for quick turnaround times in all cases. Our best estimate for your turnaround time will be included in the email you will receive when your device arrives in our facility to help set your expectations accordingly.


Customer Reviews

Author: Mel
My son has been using his iPod touch for quite a while, but he lately began complaining that the battery wasn't working that well. I don't know a lot about this kind of device, but I decided to look online to see if I could help him out. He was going to pay for the battery replacement out of his allowance, but I at least wanted to make sure that he sent it to a company that would do a great job. I felt very lucky to find Milliamp because they provided detailed information about the process of the iPod touch battery replacement. This was helpful to me, especially since we were going to ship in my son's iPod touch to them.

Author: John V
Nice battery - last much longer then the first battery i got from apple. yeah i am the winner with milliamp. JV

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1st Generation iPod touch Battery Stories

I live and work in Chicago. Or at least, I mostly do. My company's head office is in Chicago and that's where I am based. Our factory is a couple of hundred miles away and despite email and video conferencing I still need to go to the plant 5 or 6 times a month to meet up with the production people. On the days of my factory visit I prefer to start early, get there in about four hours, spend about six hours there and then drive back the same day. It's a long day with a lot of driving but I get to sleep at home in my own bed rather than at a motel. What makes the drive comfortable is that I have a chance to listen to music, which my otherwise busy schedule does not allow. The downside is that about a year ago, my favorite radio station went bust. I could listen to CDs but finding the tracks I like and skipping the ones I don't is a pain and distracting. I nearly had an accident once because of this. So I used to put in a CD and suffer through the music I didn't like. At least I did until I got my new car which has a music system that allows me to plug in my iPod. Now I can listen to my music for hours on end while I drive with no distractions. But a couple of months ago I had to brake hard, and my laptop, lying on the front seat slipped off and hit the iPod, knocking it to the ground and landing on top of it. It didn't work after that and I was reconciled to the thought of blowing up some cash on a new one when my brother told me about iPod repair companies. This sounded too good to be true, but when I did an internet search for iPod repair, I found there are a lot of companies doing this. I got in touch with one and after discussing my problem with them, I was told that the iPod could be repaired and they asked me to send it to them. I did, and paid a surprisingly small amount for the iPod repair work. On top of that, the repairs were done very quickly and for a reasonable cost and I soon had my iPod back with me as good as new. Now I can enjoy driving again.
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