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If the battery in your iPod mini doesn't hold a charge anymore, then you'll likely need a new battery. This is not uncommon for devices older than 2 years.

Compared to the original battery that came in your iPod mini, our 600 mAh 3.7-volt Lithium-Ion battery provides 7 to 10 hours of playtime between charges.

Our 750 mAh 3.7-volt Lithium-Ion battery provides 8 to 12 hours of playtime between charges. These are conservative estimates, as we'd rather under-promise and then over-deliver (that being said, we regularly receive feedback from our customers reporting even longer playtimes).

This battery is guaranteed for ten years, so if it ever fails to keep a full charge during this period of time, let us know and we will give you a new one (if you purchased a do-it-yourself kit) or re-install one for you (if you sent your device to us for the installation) at no additional charge! No other website offers this kind of coverage.

Look at the power and value this battery provides for your iPod mini:

Our complete battery replacement kit includes our specialized blue plastic tool, durable flathead and phillips screwdrivers, two strips of anti-static tape, and the most detailed battery replacement instructions with color photographs available.

Still unsure about installing the battery yourself? No problem. Let us install it for you!

If you suspect your device has water or liquid damage, we suggest setting up an order for our repair evaluation for liquid-exposed devices as it is possible that this part alone will not solve the problems that you are having.

We offer a variety of same-day shipping options from us to you, perfect for any level of urgency.

Limited-time Offer: Order now and receive a Free Tip Sheet: Five Great Tips to Ensure a Successful iPod Battery Replacement.

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To see all of our outbound shipping methods (shipping options from us to you) view our Shipping Methods page. If you wish to learn more about our inbound shipping options (how you can get your device to us so that we can work with it), please view our Guidance for Safe Shipping page.

Limited-Time Offer! Enter FREESHIP in the coupon code field at checkout for FREE USPS First Class Mail shipping or apply this offer towards any other shipping method that you prefer!! Applies to the leg of shipping from us to you.

Want to send your device to us for this repair? Great! Learn more about the simple repair process here.

If sending in your device, please be aware that the amount of time it takes for us to address each device varies, but we strive for quick turnaround times in all cases. Our best estimate for your turnaround time will be included in the email you will receive when your device arrives in our facility to help set your expectations accordingly.


Customer Reviews

Author: Troy
My daughter is really into her pink iPod mini that I got her, and she listens to it all the time when she's not in school. In fact, she listens to it so much that the battery totally went out on her. I looked around online to see if I could find another cheap iPod to buy her, and that was when I came upon this iPod battery replacement service. This service allowed me to have a self installation, which was significantly cheaper. Our budget was tight, but this worked out well for us. Milliamp send us an iPod battery replacement kit, and I was able to replace my daughter's iPod battery at a very low cost.

Author: matthew
I'm so happy that my iPod mini's battery works! I ordered it from (now Milliamp). Their instructions and tools for diy have helped me so much! I recommend their help and I think they can be trusted! :)

Author: Jose
Great service, fast delivery, all the parts included and super easy to do. Extremely satisfy with the product.

Author: matt kelly
ipod battery arrived 2 hours ago, replaced old and i am listening to music as i type. absolutely brilliant,
only 20 mins to complete, first time to do this. info of interest i am 66 years old, if i can anyone can do.
regards and thanks matt

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Feedback From Our Customers

I just want to write and thank you for helping me. My wife and I live as missionaries in the South Pacific, currently in Fiji. We come back to the USA every two years or so to rise money and visit family. This past July-Oct we were there and I tried to get a shop in Joplin MO to fix an ipod we have (Model M9436LL). They tried for a month but said they could not get the supplies to send them a proper battery. I then went on line and found your company and THANK YOU! I was very tempted to scrap the old ipod but could not justify buying a new one just because the battery had quit in it. After I put in the new battery it started up before I even got it back in the case. Good as new! It may be an old ipod (I have another as well of the same vintage) and only have 4GB but it is paid for. Thank you again. If I need a battery for the other ipod anytime soon I know where to get it. Sincerely,
Tobey (Order 115252)

iPod mini Battery Stories

I love being a carpenter. There's nothing like taking a piece of wood and making it into something someone can use or admire. For me that's real craftsmanship. For me carpentry is more that an occupation - it's an art form. I know it may sound funny, but I do look upon my way of earning a living as artistic expression. Among my friends are painters and sculptors and when we are together, we talk about the joy of creating art.The problem I often have is with my clients. It's all very well to say the customer is always right. I guess he is because he is paying the bill. So even if I personally dislike a style or design a client has chosen, I may try and get him to change his mind, but not too hard. He's the boss. That means I often get stuck doing work I dislike doing. But my reputation is on the line and so I have to make sure that what I make is the best. It's no fun and often the frustration used to get to me and I'd take it out on my family when I got home. And who wants a grumpy dad coming home in the evenings? This is until my son found a solution. He persuaded me to buy an iPod. And now, it's with me all the time while I work. It adds to the pleasure of working on designs I like and reduces the unhappiness of working on styles I dislike but have to do anyway. And then one day I dropped a big hammer on it. Obviously with a cracked case it wouldn't work, even though I did try for a while. I got home that evening and asked my son to go with me to the shop to buy myself another iPod. He gave me back, my regular lecture to the kids about not wasting money and informed me about iPod repair companies and told me to examine the cheaper option of repairing it before buying a new one. He went online, searched for iPod repairs and found lots of companies. He got in touch with one, discuss the problem and what iPod repairs would be required. The company told him to send the iPod across to them, which he did. The iPod repair was done in a very short time and it came back as good as new. I'm glad my lectures about economy are paying off!
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