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If the charge in your 3rd Gen iPod battery doesn't last like it used to, then this is the product for you!

Compared to the original battery that came in your 3rd Generation iPod, our 850 mAh 3.7-volt Lithium-Ion battery provides 8 to 11 hours of playtime between charges.

Our 1100 mAh 3.7-volt Lithium-Ion battery provides 9 to 12 hours of playtime between charges. These are conservative estimates, as we'd rather under-promise and then over-deliver (that being said, we regularly receive feedback from our customers reporting even longer playtimes).

This battery is guaranteed for ten years, so if it ever fails to keep a full charge during this period of time, let us know and we will give you a new one (if you purchased a do-it-yourself kit) or re-install one for you (if you sent your device to us for the installation) at no additional charge! No other website offers this kind of coverage.

Look at the power and value this battery provides for your 3rd Generation iPod:

Our complete battery replacement kit includes our specialized blue plastic tool and the most detailed battery replacement instructions with color photographs available.

Still unsure about installing the battery yourself? No problem. Let us install it for you!

We offer a variety of same-day shipping options from us to you, perfect for any level of urgency.

Limited-time Offer: Order now and receive a Free Tip Sheet: Five Great Tips to Ensure a Successful iPod Battery Replacement.

To see all of our outbound shipping methods (shipping options from us to you) view our Shipping Methods page. If you wish to learn more about our inbound shipping options (how you can get your device to us so that we can work with it), please view our Guidance for Safe Shipping page.

Limited-Time Offer! Enter FREESHIP in the coupon code field at checkout for FREE USPS First Class Mail shipping or apply this offer towards any other shipping method that you prefer!! Applies to the leg of shipping from us to you.

Want to send your device to us for this repair? Great! Learn more about the simple repair process here.

If sending in your device, please be aware that the amount of time it takes for us to address each device varies, but we strive for quick turnaround times in all cases. Our best estimate for your turnaround time will be included in the email you will receive when your device arrives in our facility to help set your expectations accordingly.


Customer Reviews

Author: Ann
I always use my iPod, and I really didn't notice that the battery was going bad until my sister borrowed it. She told me that it kept going out on her and not holding a charge and that I should get it looked at. I didn't know exactly where to get a new battery, but I decided to look online. One of the first websites that I found was Milliamp, and they were very professional in all of the repairs that they offered. I really appreciated the way their website was set up because it was easy to navigate. All of the interactions that I had with Milliamp were very helpful, and they made me feel comfortable about shipping my iPod into them for professional repair.

Author: Mike McCloy
That was easy! I've had my old 40gb ipod for years, but the battery won't hold a charge anymore. Apple wants a lot to replace them. I found replacing it myself fast and easy. The tool provided works great and the instructions are detailed and clear. I swapped my battery out in about 10 minutes, having never opened an ipod before. Now my ipod is charging up and will work like new. Not bad for $30! (I got the larger 1100 battery, why not?)

Author: Jim
iPod 3G Battery Replacement: Wonderfully detailed instructions. Even a 68 year old can do. Took me about 10 minutes. . .

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Third Generation iPod Battery Stories

I am the head hairdresser in my own salon and my job is to make my customers look beautiful. This isn't always a simple task because some people…well…they don't give you a lot to work with. In my line of work it is important for people to feel better when they leave the salon than they did when they came in. I have several customers who have been with me or the shop for over ten years. They are the kind I like because you get to see their kids grow up and their families grow. They are also the ones who bring you chocolate for your birthday or flowers for your anniversary. I have one customer who insists on wearing her iPod when she is getting her hair done. Now I have seen some silly things in my time, but this is just ridiculous. Since she had to get her iPod repaired a few weeks ago I think she may have learned her lesson. She was in for her regular hair appointment and this time she wanted to get a few highlights in her hair. I tried to tell her that she needed to take her iPod off and put it away. Do you think she listened? Of course not. She just rearranged it so that it didn't interfere with the work I was doing. As she was sitting under the dryer she was listening to her iPod to pass the time. The next thing we knew she was cussing and fussing. For some reason unbeknownst to her, or anyone else her iPod just stopped. She had just put in new batteries that morning so it couldn't be that she said. I suggested it might be the heat. She was furious. She didn't leave a tip that day because she said it was our fault that the iPod wasn't working. She went home and told her daughter who promptly went on the computer and found her the same iPod repair company she had used the last time. She convinced her mother to send the iPod again to have it repaired. She came into the shop the other day and gave me a bigger tip than she usually does because she got her iPod repaired and it had nothing to do with the shop. She now keeps the number of that iPod repair company in her purse. She is happy and we are happy. Thank goodness she was able to get an iPod repair done, or else we wouldn't have heard the end of it had she had to buy a new one.

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