"Greetings! We are the best in the business when it comes to iPod, iPhone, and iPad repairs, and we will exceed your expectations from start to finish. Place an order to get the process started, or contact us directly if you have any questions before, during, or after the repair."

Anthony Magnabosco, Owner (contact)

"I am the very first to admit that I was scared to ship my unit to some company in Texas. But your constant email updates put me at ease. I never felt pressured to get the device repaired, and you even told me which parts were needed and which ones were just nice-to-have. Shipping was fast, and the packaging was very good. Right out of the box, the device you fixed worked and even seemed to work better than when it was brand new. My sincere thanks the milliamp team for their hard work. It is obvious that you care in all that you do."

Susan from Los Angeles, CA (Order M24032SW) (more testimonials)

"You saved me tons of cash in a matter of minutes. Replacing the battery in my iPod using your self-install kit was easy and cheap and made me look like a hero to my kids. One word: Bravo."

Les from St. Louis, MO (Order M21022LY) (more testimonials)

iPod mini Repair Products and Services

The iPod mini comes in several colors, has a 4GB or 6GB hard drive, and a monochrome display (not an iPod nano).

Is this my device?
Pink, blue, green, silver, or gold metal case, 4/6 GB capacity

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Battery for Apple iPod mini<!--BASE:miniBAT=19.00-->
Order this if the iPod doesn't hold a charge as well as it used to.
Battery Replacement Tools and Instructions Only for Apple iPod mini<!--BASE:miniT&I=5.00--><!--OUTBOUND-->
Order this if you have an iPod mini battery and only need a great set of tools and instructions.
Headphone Jack for<br>Apple iPod mini<!--BASE:miniHPJ=39.00-->
Order this if audio doesn't play out of both headphones and/or the 'hold' switch doesn't work.
Data Backup for<br>Apple iPod or iPhone<!--BASE:DB=26.00--><!--I will send-->
Order this if you need to have the contents of your iPod backed up to a disc.
Professional Repair Evaluation for Apple iPod mini<!--BASE:miniREV=19.00-->
Order this if you don't know what's wrong with your iPod.
Professional Repair Evaluation for Liquid-Exposed iPod mini<!--BASE:MINIWDREV=29.00-->
Order this if your iPod mini was exposed to any liquid.

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Hello, my name is Steve. It's actually short for Stephanus but you can call me Steve. I want to tell you about my horrible iPod repair experience and help guide you in the right direction about who too get your iPod repaired by. I was at this really killer Journey concert, you see, and I guess during all the excitement and jumping around to the heavy beats my iPod mini must have slipped out of my pocket. I didn't quite realize what happened until I was looking for my wallet in line at the concession stand and realized that it was missing. Well, cheese and crackers, I thought! Luckily the good prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was with me because after they were done playing I found it in a patch of grass all trampled and smashed up. I decided to let my friend see if he could get my iPod repaired because he said he was pretty handy with electronics. Well, needless to say his iPod repair only made things worse. So, I decided to look on line for a professional iPod mini repair specialist. There were a few selections to choose from so I just picked the one with the cheapest shipping. I sent off my iPod to the iPod repair company and a few days later got a receipt confirmation and a pretty decent iPod repair bill for 60 dollars. Once again, I think the good prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was with me. I decided to tell my friend that he better stick to his customs inspection job at the airport and stop messing around with other people's electronics. I suppose the moral of the story is that if you want to get your iPod mini repaired, you better stick to the iPod repair specialists, and not try to do the iPod repair yourself, or even let your friends do it for you. Even if the good prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is with you you are probably still going to mess it up. For more information about reaching iPod repair specialists online just google “iPod repair” and pick one of the first links that come up. Those are usually the best. Peace be upon you, and remember to not get too carried away at those loud rock concerts because things might fall out of your pocket!
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