"Greetings! We are the best in the business when it comes to iPod, iPhone, and iPad repairs, and we will exceed your expectations from start to finish. Place an order to get the process started, or contact us directly if you have any questions before, during, or after the repair."

Anthony Magnabosco, Owner (contact)

"I am the very first to admit that I was scared to ship my unit to some company in Texas. But your constant email updates put me at ease. I never felt pressured to get the device repaired, and you even told me which parts were needed and which ones were just nice-to-have. Shipping was fast, and the packaging was very good. Right out of the box, the device you fixed worked and even seemed to work better than when it was brand new. My sincere thanks the milliamp team for their hard work. It is obvious that you care in all that you do."

Susan from Los Angeles, CA (Order M24032SW) (more testimonials)

"You saved me tons of cash in a matter of minutes. Replacing the battery in my iPod using your self-install kit was easy and cheap and made me look like a hero to my kids. One word: Bravo."

Les from St. Louis, MO (Order M21022LY) (more testimonials)

4th Generation iPod Repair Products and Services

The 4th Generation iPod has a white front, silver back, and can play music (but no photos or videos).

Is this my device?
White plastic faceplate, 20/40/60 GB capacity

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How Does the Evaluation / Repair Process Work?

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Battery for Apple 4th Gen iPod<!--BASE:4GBAT=19.00-->
Order this if the iPod doesn't hold a charge as well as it used to.
Battery Replacement Tools and Instructions Only for Apple 4th Gen iPod<!--BASE:4GT&I=5.00--><!--OUTBOUND-->
Order this if you have a 4th Gen iPod battery and only need a great set of tools and instructions.
LCD for Apple 4th Gen iPod<!--BASE:4GLCD=29.00-->
Order this if the display screen is white, cracked, distorted, or dim.
Headphone Jack for<br>Apple 4th Gen iPod<!--BASE:4GHPJ=45.00-->
Order this if audio doesn't play out of both headphones and/or the “hold” switch doesn't work.
Scroll Wheel for<br>Apple 4th Gen iPod<!--BASE:4GSW=29.00-->
Order this if the scroll/click wheel does not navigate and/or the buttons do not respond.
Data Backup for<br>Apple iPod or iPhone<!--BASE:DB=26.00--><!--I will send-->
Order this if you need to have the contents of your iPod backed up to a disc.
Passcode Reset Service<!--BASE:PCR=1.00-->
Order this if you forgot your passcode or if your device is locked.
Professional Repair Evaluation for Apple 4th Gen iPod<!--BASE:4GREV=19.00-->
Repair Evaluation for Apple's 4th Generation iPod.
Professional Repair Evaluation for Liquid-Exposed 4th Gen iPod<!--BASE:4GWDREV=29.00-->
Order this if your 4th Gen iPod was exposed to any liquid.

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Fourth Generation iPod Repair-Related Stories:

I have been an ice cream man in my neighborhood for about twenty years now. I love being the neighborhood ice cream man. I got my start from after my father died when I was in my twenties and left me a small inheritance. Well I used that money to buy my very own ice cream truck! I drive it up and down my hometown of Mobile, Alabama. See, being an ice cream man is a easy, laid back job. Basically I drive up and down the road especially in summertime and give ice cream bars to kids and adults too for a few dollars a piece. I remember when getting an ice cream bar from the ice cream man was only fifty cents, man how things have changed. Sometimes the music I play out of the truck bothers me though, so I listen to my 4th Gen iPod while I drive around my ice cream truck. I like grooving to Master P a lot, and that's not just because he has an album named “Ice Cream Man” by the way. So there I was driving along and all of a sudden this dumb rich guy runs a stop sign and causes me to slam on the brakes. Oh man my Fourth Generation iPod went flying off the dashboard and right out the open door! Well, I get out of my truck and sure enough, it's broken. I ask some kids on my route about how to get my iPod repaired and they said to look online to get my iPod repaired. I went on line and sure enough, there were about a dozen websites that offered to get my iPod repaired for way less than the cost of having to buy a brand new one. So I chose this company because the colors on the website reminded me of my favorite ice cream wrapper. They said they would repair my iPod for about fifty dollars which sounded like a good deal to me. So I sent my iPod off to get repaired and sure enough they had my iPod repaired and back to me in about ten days! I'm really glad I was able to get my 4th Gen iPod repair because the music in the truck was starting to get on my nerves again. I'm actually thinking about changing up the music a little bit. Well anyways, if you want to get your iPod repaired there are lots of Fourth Generation iPod repair sites on the internet for you to check out, and most of them are pretty cheap. Getting your iPod repaired instead of replaced is a good idea.

Feedback From Our Customers:

What can I say?!!! I am simply delighted by the experience of purchasing a replacement battery kit for my 4th Gen iPod. The device was acting very flaky and finally just gave up and I assumed it was the battery but you never know these days. Anyway, I found your site and saw a replacement kit with a more powerful battery for only $30 so I decided to give it a shot. I kit arrived quickly as was well packed. The instructions were AWESOME and the tools supplied with the kit made the battery change a very easy affair. I am an experienced technologist and have done lots of this kind of stuff before and I have to say this was the easiest, most comprehensive guide I have ever used. After changing the battery and charging up my iPod is working 100% again and I couldn't be more pleased. I will recommend your site to all my friends and family who have iPod/iPhone repair needs or parts replacement and I will be back if and when I need parts for my own devices. Thanks again!
Damien from Fort Collins, CO (Order J100900DH)
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